In the past 10 years, Dawn Ng has acquired skills in drawing, painting, printing, photography, writing, making and stealing things at The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London and Georgetown University, US.
She spent her early career years across Washington DC, London and NY, working in creative shops BBH and Ogilvy, for brands such as Nike and Levi´s.
Her time in advertising has made her a voracious curator and dissector of pop culture. Her work is reflective of an urge to hijack, subvert and toy with the obvious to surprise people with the truth.

In 2009, Dawn launched four shows ranging her first solo collage exhibition entitled ¨Singapore Cuts¨ to commissioned light installations at both The White Rabbit and Loof. Her paper plane installation at Black Out received much press across Channel News Asia and Business Times, who coined her the new ¨Tour De Force of Singapore art scene¨. Dawn was also one of the artists to have her work curated for the Singapore Art Show 2009 at the Singapore Art Museum.

In 2010, her 2nd solo show, ¨WALTER¨, received more accolades for its controversial guerilla content and provocative form. She is one of the youngest artist commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum to design the museum building façade, install a second version of WALTER and transform their ground floor gallery into a children´s playground. Dawn also has commissioned works under this year´s Art around the museum program, and was part of numerous collaborative art and design projects with brands such as Apostrophe S and Elle magazine.